About us


Reimagine plastic is an initiative to rethink the way the world disposes of plastic.Plastic has been a useful resource and is used in millions of products. Life without plastic is unimaginable. However, the current problem being faced is the disposal of plastic. Plastic takes approximately 500 – 1000 yrs to degrade. Plastic disposal and recycling is a major issue. The vision behind our program is to rethink and Re-Imagine ways to recycle and dispose plastic.

In the last 50 years the use of plastic has increased 43%. It can be found everywhere, from your household appliances, to contact lenses to windshields and construction. In 1950 the world produced only 2 million tonnes per year. Since then, annual production has increased nearly 200-fold, reaching 381 million tonnes in 2015.

The Plastic Problem

In contrary to popular belief, the use of plastic is not causing any harm to society. However, plastic takes 500+ years to decompose. Used plastic incorrectly disposed is getting collected on the Earth’s surface and in oceans. Plastic is being produced at a faster rate than it is being disposed. Most of the plastic ends up in the landfill.

Ocean Plastics

Ocean Plastics

The plastic from the landfill flows into the ocean endangering the lives of marine animals. They think the plastic in the ocean as food and eat it. this makes them feel full and starve to death. Small plastic also chokes them to death.



The plastic when exposed to environment, breaks down into small particles less than 5mm in length. these are known as microplastics. They get dissolved in air and water. this becomes difficult to segregate

Single Use Plastic

Single Use Plastic

Items made of plastic that are used only ones like polybags, bottles, straws and other disposable packaging. These items are produced in mass and consumed for less than 12 min and thrown away forever. Single use plastics are mainly consuming the landfills and oceans

Multi Layered Plastic

Multi Layered Plastic

Items that are made of more than one layer of plastics. Each layer consists of different physical property like thermal protection, light, food sensitivity, printable material etc. Once thrown, it is difficult to separate these layers to obtain the various materials.

Our Solution? The 7 Pillars

1) Recycling Innovations

Reimagining around Recycling and

Upcycling  of industrial as  well

as post-consumer plastic waste

with special focus on  Post-consumer

Multi-Layer Plastic Packaging (MLP).

2) Process & Design Innovations

Reimagining around Process and

Design  products to make it more

sustainable and easy  to recycle.

3) Material Innovations

Reimagining around Materials which

are better suited to recycling/reuse

and composting (bio-based, biodegradable)

at scale.

4) Internet of Plastic

Reimagining around Internet &

cloud based innovations to promote

sustainability Waste management

technology  , Enevo startup (Rotterdam) –

waste monitoring solution , Assess

fill level of waste containers etc.

5) Circular Economy

Reimagine Plastic Reimagining around

acceleration a transition to a circular

economy by working with business,

government and academia to build

a framework for an economy that is

restorative and regenerative by design .

6) Renewable Energy

Reimagining around Innovations around

Renewable  energy and its usage in

plastic industry in both manufacturing

and recycling Eg – Converting plastics

into energy and fuel, other renewable

sources of energy.

7) Stakeholder Engagement

Reimagining around IEC (Information,

Education and Communication) activities

like citizen engagement campaigns

for behavioural change